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Age brings with it loss.  Sometimes it's loss of function.  We're no longer as quick as when we were younger.  We no longer learn new things as quickly.  It can feel as though the world is passing us by.

Other losses are more evident... the loss of a spouse... a crippling disease... the continuous loss of long term friends.

Action Fellowship is a place where you can find pastoring, pastoral peace, understanding, and people like you.

Welcome to our midst.  We're glad you've found us

Reverend Bob Nicholson

Bob Nicholson has a long and distinguished career as a Pastor.  He is a resident at Aljoya CCRC in Seattle.  Bob is the inspiration for NaCCRA's Action Fellowship and he was NaCCRA's President during a time of rapid expansion and focus on mission.

Jack Mathison

Like Bob, Jack Mathison is a Pastor and Past NaCCRA President.  He and Bob have teamed up together to create NaCCRA's Action Fellowship

Healing and Harmony

Aging brings with it loss, loss of function, loss of friends, and most poignantly, loss of those we love and of those who have sustained and teamed with us through many years of shared life.

Action Fellowship offers a forum for healing, for coming togehter in grief, in understanding, and in love for one another.

Unending Humanity

We are people of all faiths, all origins, and all convictions brought together by our commonality as one people united in caring for one another.

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